Britney Spears – Womanizer (Director’s Cut)

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Where you from, hows it going?
I know you
Gotta clue, what you’re doing?
You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here
But I know what you are, what you are, baby

Look at you
Gettin more than just re-up
Baby, you
Got all the puppets with their strings up
Faking like a good one, but I call ’em like I see ’em
I know what you are, what you are, baby

Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer
You’re a Womanizer, oh Womanizer oh
You’re a Womanizer, baby
You you you are, You you you are
Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer (Womanizer)

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