Depeche Mode – Violator Remastered HQ

One of the best albums ever made in my opinion, both musically and aurally. So why try to remaster it? Because I freakin’ can!
Anywho, Compression use was minimal to keep the dynamics, I did try to control the sibilance though. I actually used NIN’s Hesitation Marks for an EQ reference because it has a very natural sound in that regard and doesn’t over-hype anything like a lot of modern masters. (yes its still very compressed, but I am not talking about that, just talking EQ here). I did add a couple db of limiting, but never more than 3db at peak. So again, that’s pretty minimal.
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All remastered music posted here is for the purposes of entertainment and experimentation only. I am simply exploring modern mastering techniques and their effect on great albums from various eras. I love these bands and their music and am in no way seeking to monetize anything about this. All rights are with the original artist and no infringement is intended.

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